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Registration is available here or here.

Book the downtown Chattanooga Marriott (preferred hotel; adjoins the Chattanooga Convention Center) here.

Sunday, April 24

5 PM

Welcome Gathering

Downtown Chattanooga Marriott Lobby

Monday, April 25

8 AM

Registration / Badge Pickup

9 AM


Bradley Metrock (CEO, Project Voice; General Partner, Project Voice Capital Partners)

J.Ed Marston (VP Marketing, EPB)

Tim Kelly (Mayor, City of Chattanooga)

9:10 AM

Opening Keynote

Jeff Blankenburg (Chief Evangelist, Amazon Alexa)

9:40 AM

That Sound You Hear: The Role Of Sound Across Voice/AI

Davar Ardalan (Executive Producer of Audio, National Geographic)

Jacob Pinter (Senior Producer, National Geographic)

10:00 AM

Unlocking Voice by Unblocking Developers

Michael Jolley (Head of Developer Relations, Deepgram)

10:20 AM

Delivering Strategy: The Heart of Conversational AI

Scott Sandland (CEO,

10:40 AM

Achieving AI-driven Total Experience in an Industry-Siloed CX Culture

Ishaan Aggarwal (GTM Lead, Conversational AI, Quantiphi)

11:00 AM

Build, Rent, or Partner: Voice AI Solutions Tailored to Your Brand

Darin Clark (Director, SoundHound)

11:20 AM

Embedding Voice/AI Solutions In Healthcare

Henry O'Connell (CEO, Canary Speech)

11:40 AM

Building A Secure Voice Ecosystem For Healthcare

Mark Gray (CEO, Constant Companion)

12 PM - 1:10 PM

Lunch + Exhibitions

Violin music provided by WillowTree conversation designer Emily Banzhaf

1:10 PM

Making Real Estate More Accessible Through Conversation

Justin Lundy (Founder,

1:30 PM

Building And Designing For Humans: Meeting Users In The Moment 

Alex Misiaszek (SVP, Experience Design Director of NLU & Emerging Experiences, Truist)

Peter Sutherland (Director of Innovation Engineering, Truist)

1:50 PM

What Worked, What Didn't Work, And How Verizon Built Memorable Customer Experiences With Voice/AI

Bala Maddali (Head of Conversational AI Experiences, Verizon)

2:10 PM

From AAA Gaming on the Nintendo Switch To Education with Moodle: Augmenting Customer Experience Through Synthetic Voice

Ricardo Garza (Business Development Manager, ReadSpeaker North America)

Cindy Hamer (Director Business Development, ReadSpeaker North America)

2:30 PM

Reimagining Customer Experiences: Integrating Voice Into Digital Strategy

Tobias Dengel (CEO, WillowTree)

2:50 PM

Case Study: How Voice Commerce Is Re-Shaping India

Kumar Rangarajan (CEO, Slang Labs)

3:10 PM

Voice to AutoFlows: Towards First Autonomous Conversational AI

Chandra Khatri (Chief Scientist and Head of AI, Got-It AI)

3:30 PM

Natural Language Speech Synthesis

Fathy Yassa (CEO, Speechmorphing)

5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Project Voice After-Hours: Tennessee Aquarium

Presented by Deepgram

Open to all registered Project Voice 2022 attendees

REGISTER HERE if you plan on joining us - shuttle bus will begin taking attendees to the Aquarium at 4:30 PM

Tuesday, April 26


8 AM

Registration / Badge Pickup

9:00 AM


9:00 AM

NLP At The Edge: How Voice AI Is Transforming Retail, Restaurants & Hospitals

Andi Huels (Head of AI, North America, Lenovo)

Darin Clark (Director, SoundHound)

Ken Sutton (CEO, Yobe)

Van West (CEO, Vocalytics)

Moderated by Ian Utile (CEO,

9:40 AM

Is Voice the Key to a Successful Metaverse?

Sean King (SVP, Commercial Services, Veritone)

10:00 AM

Bringing Voice/AI To Gaming and Entertainment

Johan Stromberg (CEO, Wanderword)


10:20 AM

Better Data, Better Voice AI

Brad Hastedt (Director, AI Data Solutions, DataForce), Naresh Kuppuswamy (Director, AI, DataForce)

10:40 AM

Y Combinator Learnings & What We Are Building Now

Otto Soderlund (CEO, Speechly)

11:00 AM

Driving AI Innovation In The Automotive Sector

Adam Emfield (Director of User Experience, Cerence)


11:20 AM

"Amazon, Can We Have Our Name Back?"

Alexa Juliana Ard (Washington Post) + Lauren Johnson (Creator, Alexa Is A Human)

Moderated by Bradley Metrock

12 PM - 1:10 PM

Lunch + Exhibitions

1:10 PM

The Importance Of Customer Testing For Conversational AI

John Kelvie (CEO, Bespoken)

1:30 PM

Building The Voice Data Layer The World Needs

Esteban Gorupicz (CEO, Atexto) with Bradley Metrock

1:50 PM

Tuning The In-Car Voice/AI Experience

Jacob Soendergaard (HEAD acoustics)

2:10 PM

Unlocking Opportunities for Brands Using Real Alexa Voice Searches

John Campbell (Managing Director, Rabbit & Pork)

2:30 PM

Putting the Human Back in AI

Emerson Sklar (Senior Director AI/ML, Applause)

2:50 PM

Proving The Value: Getting Big Brands To Buy In To Voice/AI

Shilp Agarwal (CEO, Blutag)

3:10 PM

Voice AI Is The Infrastructure Of Modern Marketing

Brandon Kaplan (CEO, Skilled Creative)

4:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Project Voice After-Hours: The Chattanooga Pinball Museum

Presented by Speechly

Open to all Project Voice 2022 attendees

REGISTER HERE if you plan on joining us - shuttle bus will begin taking attendees to the Pinball Museum at 4:00 PM

Wednesday, April 27

8 AM

The EPB / Project Voice Capital Partners Pitch Event

Voice/AI startups pitch to potential investors from across the Southeast United States.

- hollarhype

- arrivu

- voicePT

- TQIntelligence

- Lundy

- Constant Companion

- Tweelin

- Stepping Stones Games


9:00 AM


9:00 AM

State of the Union: Conversational AI

Arte Merritt (Global Segment Leader for Conversational AI, AWS)

9:20 AM

API-First Conversation Intelligence:

Measure, Improve, & Take Action in Real-Time

Surbhi Rathore (CEO,

9:40 AM

Signal To Noise: Keep Voice AI Data Clean

Ken Sutton (CEO, Yobe)

10:00 AM

Connecting Through Conversation: Building Voice Experiences

James Poulter and Jen Heape (CEO and CCO, Vixen Labs)

10:20 AM

Speech Recognition 2022: The Revolution of Extreme Accuracy

David Keene (Chief Marketing Officer, Speechmatics)

10:40 AM

The Journey To Custom Voice Assistants

Jake DiMare (VP Marketing, Voicify) with Bradley Metrock

11:00 AM

Transforming Customer Interactions into Personalized Self-Service

Andrei Papancea (CEO, NLX)

11:20 AM

Helping People With Disabilities Stay Connected With Loved Ones

Juliana Tarpey Hadad (Product Lead, Alexa Accessibility, Amazon)

11:40 AM

Bringing Voice AI To Physical Therapy

Brett Adler (VoicePT)


12 PM - 1:00 PM

Lunch + Exhibitions

1:00 PM

The Present And Future Of The Open Voice Network

Open Voice Network's Jon Stine with Project Voice CEO Bradley Metrock

1:30 PM

The Need For Dedicated Venture Capital In Voice/AI

Ted Alling (Limited Partner, Project Voice Capital Partners)

Adam Cheyer (Venture Partner, Project Voice Capital Partners)

Marc Ladin (General Partner, Project Voice Capital Partners)

Moderated by Bradley Metrock

2:00 PM


Thursday, April 28

9 AM to noon

Private meetings with Bradley Metrock, CEO Project Voice / General Partner, Project Voice Capital Partners. Please reach out to schedule these beforehand.


The conference program and 30+ exhibitor booths will be co-located inside the Chattanooga Convention Center as shown below. 

Project Voice 2022 Floor Plan.jpg

A - Blutag

B - Cerence

C - Applause


F - Vixen Labs

G - Atexto

H - Yobe

I - Voicify

J - Got-It AI

L - Constant Companion

M - Slang Labs

N - Speechly

O - Wanderword

P - WillowTree

Q - Bespoken

R - Deepgram

S - Rabbit & Pork

T - ReadSpeaker

U - Symbl.AI

V - HEAD acoustics

W - Quantiphi

X - Lenovo + NVIDIA

Y - DataForce

Z - SoundHound

1 1 - Speechmatics

2 2 - Amazon

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