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What should we be doing with voice?

If you and your team are asking that question, you need to be at Project Voice.


When we're born, all we have is our mother's voice.

Then, we develop an inner voice, which guides us the rest of our lives.

It always stood to reason that technology would evolve to become conversational.

Project Voice, as a conference, is uniquely organized to juxtapose the major ecosystems (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung Bixby, and Microsoft Cortana), with The Voice World Fair running across the entire essential week.

Executives, marketers, developers, designers, strategists, consultants, VCs, media, and analysts will attend. Over 3,000 highly-qualified attendees across 15-20 countries.

Every organization and every individual - no matter your industry or sector - will find Project Voice of great interest, and of immense value.

Everyone needs to know the good, the bad, and the ugly on voice tech, delivered from a who's-who of practitioners, technologists, executives, & leaders in this emergent space.

The #1 event for voice tech and AI in America. The week after CES.

We'll see you in January. Bring the team.

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Monday, January 13

Pre-Conference Workshops click for full lineup

A number of high-octane pre-conference workshops from Amazon, Google, Samsung, and more greet attendees on Monday, followed by a welcome social (sponsored by RAIN Agency) at 5 PM on the floor of The Voice World Fair. Afterward, watch LSU take on Clemson in the NCAA Championship at the Chattanooga Downtown Marriott.

Tuesday, January 14

Full Schedule click for full lineup

Project Voice kicks off with keynotes from Amazon and super-developer Nick Schwab, who was featured by CNN for earning enough as a voice dev to pay for his new Tesla. Breakout tracks across Marketing, Healthcare, Storytelling, Smart Home, Education, and Alexa Special Sessions will provide attendees with a vast range of real-time information on the state of Alexa's ecosystem as well as the voice landscape in general. An afternoon workshop from Voiceflow, plenary sessions from a 5th grader using Alexa to create skills, a panel on VC investment in the space, and a talk from a woman pleading with Amazon to change Alexa's name round out an eye-opening day.

Wednesday, January 15

Full Schedule click for full lineup

Project Voice continues with keynotes from both Google and Microsoft kick the day off, providing anticipated updates on the state of both voice/AI ecosystems. Breakout tracks across Marketing, Healthcare, Storytelling, Smart Home, Education, and Google Assistant Special Sessions await attendees, providing valuable information not just about Google's flourishing voice ecosystem, but the entire voice landscape as a whole. Project Understood, the partnership between Google and the Canadian Down Syndrome Society, will be the subject of an afternoon plenary, alongside major talks from Brooke Hawkins (on voice ethics) and Lockheed Martin and SIL (on opening doors for local languages using AI). An afternoon workshop from Adva Levin (Pretzel Labs) is on the docket as the day concludes, yielding to the Project Voice Awards Gala which begins shortly thereafter, honoring best-in-class achievement from across the world in voice tech and AI.

Wednesday Night: The Project Voice Awards Gala

5:30 PM - 9:00 PM The Project Voice Awards Gala

5:30 PM Cocktails / Live Music

6:00 PM Dinner

6:30 PM Awards Begin

7:30 PM Roast Begins

8:30 PM Live Music

Thursday, January 16

Full Schedule click for full lineup

Thursday of Project Voice is essentially its own standalone tech conference, starting with keynotes from Samsung, Voicebot.AI's Bret Kinsella, and a panel of technology journalists who cover voice and AI. Project Voice's "contrarian speakers," industry veterans Susan Hura and Phillip Hunter, give a marquee talk called "Why Voice Tech Sucks," followed by a panel of Samsung's Premiere Bixby Developers that will showcase emerging opportunities within voice's newest ecosystem. Breakout tracks include a Bixby Developers track, Voice + Retail, Voice + Automotive, Voice + Healthcare, Voice + Money, Voice + Gaming, and Samsung Bixby Special Sessions. A high-profile panel on the future of voice as an open landscape precedes Kane Simms' (host of VUX World) closing keynote.

Friday, January 17

Trade Association Meetings (Open To Public)

Project Voice will gather together 3,000+ executives, marketers, developers, strategists, media, analysts, VCs, and more.
Sharing best practices, gathering intelligence on the various voice ecosystems, and networking across a diversity of sectors and industries is what Project Voice is all about.
The #1 event for voice tech and AI in America.