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Project Voice accelerates adoption of conversational AI, and by extension, voice technology, through content, consulting, & community.

The influential podcast This Week In Voice enters Season 7 this fall, with a guest list of executives from across the emergent conversational AI domain.

Project Voice is also the name of the main event here in the United States for conversational AI and voice technology. Project Voice 2023 will be headlined by the reunion of the three co-founders of Siri, for the first time publicly in over a decade. Logitech, Fandango, Dr. Walter Greenleaf of Stanford's MediaX Lab, Restaurant Business Magazine, The Science of CX, AWS, Intel, SoundHound, and many others are confirmed participants in Project Voice Week, which will draw over 2,500 attendees.

For more information on Bradley Metrock, go here.
For more information on Project Voice Capital Partners, the $20M venture capital fund targeting early stage investment opportunities across the voice/AI continuum, go here.

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