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Project Voice accelerates adoption of conversational AI, and by extension, voice technology, through content, consulting, & community.

We produce the influential podcast This Week In Voice, which completed Season 7 this fall and returns with Season 8 in early 2023. Mark Cuban has been our most famous guest, perhaps followed by Harry Mack, but we're fortunate to regularly speak with a who's-who of conversational AI and voice/AI executives. 

This Week In Voice VIP, is the Substack newsletter written by Bradley Metrock and received by over 30,000 subscribers, commenting on various aspects of the business of conversational AI and voice technology.

Project Voice 2023: The World of Conversational AI will bring together 2500 executives and 100 media outlets in the main event for conversational AI here in the US.
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Conversational AI Industry Landscape Map (Version 1.1 - January 2023).jpg

Project Voice Capital Partners is the venture capital firm identifying and investing in early stage, top tier founders operating conversational AI companies. Accredited investors can learn more and invest here.

The Conversational AI Industry Landscape Map (above) is produced jointly by Project Voice and Project Voice Capital Partners. Read more here.

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