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Project Voice Media Group has produced nearly 100 webinars dating back to 2017 for companies large and small throughout the conversational AI space.

These webinars all follow a similar turnkey format: registration hosted by Eventbrite, the webinar hosted by Zoom, the webinar moderated (and in many cases, constructed) by Bradley Metrock, taking place over usually a 30-45 minute time horizon, and upon completion, audio and video files are provided to you, along with registrant and attendee lists, so you can follow up as you see fit and also send out the video for on-demand replay. 

Examples of previous webinars are featured in the gallery below.


Promote your recently-completed conversational AI webinar using Webinar Rewind, a section of our conversational AI Substack newsletter This Week In Voice VIP. 


We will display your webinar's name, with hyperlink embedded, along with a one-sentence description for one month (minimum two newsletter issues).

This Week In Voice VIP is received by nearly 30,000 subscribers with an average open rate varying between 25 and 30 percent.

Purchase using the link below, then email your webinar link to

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