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Project Voice Speakers

Project Voice has assembled a Who's Who of pioneers and leaders across the emergent realm of voice and AI.

Click speakers' pictures to view their LinkedIn profiles, and their session #s to read the full descriptions.

Ahmed, Zohaib.jpg

Zohaib Ahmed

CEO & Co-Founder, Resemble AI
Arango, Luis.jpg

Luis Arango

Account Manager, HEAD Acoustics
Arbeeny, Audrey.jpg

Audrey Arbeeny

CEO, Audiobrain

Session #311, Sonic Branding: The Essence of Voice-First Marketing

Session #372, Voice and Sound: Audio Advancements in Emerging Healthcare Technologies

Batt, Justin.jpg

Justin Batt

Founder & Chief Dad Officer, Daddy Saturday
Beaudry, Armel.jpg

Armel Beaudry

CEO and Founder, Trebble.FM
Bellavia, Andy.jpg

Andy Bellavia

Director, Market Development, Knowles Electronics
Beltran, Joaquin.jpg

Joaquin Beltran

CEO (Community Empowering Organizer), Speak Up America
Benson, Chris.jpg

Chris Benson

Principal Artificial Intelligence Strategist, Lockheed Martin

Session #353, Opening Doors for Local Languages with AI

Best, John.jpg

John Best

President and CEO, Best Innovation Group

Session #204, Book Signing: "Breaking Digital Gridlock"

Session #316, Voice-First Banking: What's Next

Blankenburg, Jeff.jpg

Jeff Blankenburg

Alexa Evangelist, Amazon
Box, David from LInkedIn.jpg

David Box

Director, US Healthcare, Macadamian
Breslin, Catherine.jpg

Catherine Breslin

Director, Solutions Architect, Cobalt Speech & Language
Brill, Wally v2.jpg

Wally Brill

Head of Conversation Design, Google
Burnett, Jody.jpg

Jody Burnett

Founder & CEO, VoiceSkillsInc
Campbell, Ian.jpg

Ian Campbell

NFL Innovation Lab, National Football League
Chan, Mandy.jpg

Mandy Chan

International Designer, Google
Cheyer, Adam.jpg

Adam Cheyer

CTO, Viv Labs, Samsung

Session #401, The Samsung Bixby Keynote:

Building a Conversational Experience in Minutes with Samsung’s Bixby

Claiborn, Carrie.jpg

Carrie Claiborn

Senior VUI Architect, Interactions
Clemons, Noah.jpg

Noah Clemons

Staff Technical Consulting Engineer, Intel Corporation
Crimi-Lamanna, Nancy.jpg

Nancy Crimi-Lamanna

Chief Creative Officer, FCB Canada
Daniels, Dorothy.jpg

Dorothy Daniels

Ed.D. Candidate, Northeastern University
Davis, Julie Daniel.jpg

Julie Daniel Davis

Director, Instructional Technology & Innovation,
Chattanooga Christian School
Deibel, Diana.jpg

Diana Deibel

Lead Designer, Grand Studio

Session #455, High Stakes Conversations: Using Voice in Emotionally-Fraught Industries

Dengel, Tobias.jpg

Tobias Dengel

CEO, WillowTree