The 2021 Project Voice Series
Full event lineup for calendar year 2021

Project Voice 2021: April 12-14, Chattanooga TN

Project Voice Worldwide: April 15-16 (virtual)


Focuses include voice/AI in mobile apps, voice/AI in contact centers, and an industry deep dive on voice/AI in hospitality.


Thursday, May 13: The Voice of the Car Summit East (Detroit, Michigan)

Thursday, May 20: The Voice of the Car Summit West (San Jose, CA)

Thursday, May 27: The Voice of Mobile Apps (virtual)

Thursday, June 10: The Voice of Marketing (virtual)

Euphonious: June 18-20, Birmingham AL


Three-day concert series with a voice/AI slant. After all, voice assistants have become a dominant way to play and discover music.

July 12-14: Digital Book World West (Seattle, WA)

August 4-5: The Voice of Healthcare Summit (Harvard Medical School, Boston MA)

August 25: The Voice of Gaming (Austin, TX)

September 13-15: Digital Book World 2021 (Nashville, TN)

September 16-17: DBW Global (virtual)


October 6-7: The Voice of Money (New York City)


November 3-4: The Voice of Customer Service (Dallas, TX)

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